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Bali Attractions

Kuta BeachKuta SquareLegian Denpasar Sanur BeachNusa DuaJimbaran BeachUluwatuCeluk

Bali is a small island, which became a province apart, which is located approximately in the middle of Indonesia. Geographically, Bali Province is located on the 8 ° 3'40 "- 8 ° 50'48" south latitude and 114 ° 25'53 "- 115 ° 42'40" East Longitude. Total wide of Bali is 5634 ha.

Bali province has eight districts, and one city, namely: Jembrana, Tabanan, Badung, Gianyar, Karangasem, Klungkung, Bangli, Buleleng and the Denpasar City as the capital of Bali Province. Bali has also small islands surrounding it that become part of Bali which are Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan in the Klungkung area, Serangan Island, and Menjangan Island.

Bali is well-known as one the most visited tourist destination in the world, especially before the Bali blast tragedy in 2002. Even until now Bali is still the icon of tourism in Indonesia.

Batu BulanSukawati Art MarketGoa Gajah Waterfall Kemenuh
Ubud History of Bali
Ubud Castle Monkey Forest Blanco Museum La Mayeur Museum Tegalalang Kintamani Tanah LotTaman Ayun ShrineUlundanu & BratanBedugulAlas KedatonGWKDreamland Beach

Bali's history actually began since the ancient time. However, the meaningful record on the development of the Bali into a modern Bali, like today, was started from the days of Empire Gelgel. Gelgel Kingdom was a kingdom ruled in Bali after the defeat of Majapahit Kingdom in Bali. The first king of the Gelgel Kingdong was King Dalem Ketut Ngulesir. At the time of the Gelgel Kingdom, the old art style and language of Java - Hindu was maintained.

The last king that ruled in Gelgel Kingdom was Made In Dalem (1605 - 1686). The successor of Made In Dalem,  Gusti Agung Jambe did not want be thrown at Gelgel  after the rebellion of I Gusti Agung Maruti. Gusti Agung Jambe then had chosen Semarapura as the center of the new government, and the name of Kingdom became Klungkung Kingdom. Klungkung Kingdom was then splitted into eight smaller kingdoms, which are now, become eight districts in Bali.

During the eight smaller kingdoms government, those kingdoms maintained the old culture, but became more open to new ideas and outside influence. Karangasem become one of a very successful kingdom, which successfully conquered Lombok in 1970. The power of eight small kingdoms in Bali ended in 1894 when the Dutch entry and overthrown Bali. Even if the Bali controlled by the Netherlands, but the power of the Netherlands in Bali never too firm, such as Java and Maluku.


Total population of Bali, based on statistical data for 2007 is less than 3.4 million populations. Buleleng district has the largest number of population than other areas in Bali. The majority of the population in Bali lives from small and medium industries related to tourism.

The majority of the Bali inhabitants come from the tribe of Bali itself. However, there are other tribes who also live in Bali, such as Javanese tribes. In addition, many among the residents of Bali, comes from other nationalities like Australia, Netherlands, Japan and Italy.

  Kecak Dance Barong Praying
  Kecak Dance Barong Balinese People Praying

The majority of the Bali population holds Balinese Hindu religion. Hinduism in Bali is slightly different with the Hinduism in India, and called Hindu Bali. Balinese very attached with the Balinese Hindu religion. This is shown by the number of ritual offerings (sesajen) and statues along Bali.

Balinese Hindu community has a philosophy of life known as the Tri Hita Karana, which means three roads toward perfection of life. Three roads toward the perfection can be achieved by maintaining the relationship between man and God that poured through the various ritual offerings to God, through human relationship with the natural surroundings, and through human relationships with other fellow human more

  Interesting Places in Bali

Tanah LotAs a tourist icon of Indonesia, Bali has so many interesting objects to see. We can say that the beauties of nature in Bali are almost complete. As a relatively small island, Bali has many beautiful beaches. One of the beaches which are very popular with its beautiful wave is Kuta beach. Bali also has highland and mountains area which are cool and chilly, such as Kintamani and Bedugul. In fact, there are hilly areas that allow visitors to see the beauty of the sunset combined with a landscape of the sea spread below. There are also rivers, which often served as a place to do rafting like Ayung River.

In addition to natural beauty, which is very interesting in Bali is the beauty of cultural diversity. Balinese dance is one of the most beautiful dances in Indonesia, which can be enjoyed in many places in Bali. One of the dances are very interested by tourists is the Kecak Dance.

Traditional Balinese Hindu culture which is still very inherent in the community also becomes part of a very interesting to be enjoyed in Bali. Every day tourists can view the activities associated with the religious and cultural rituals such as the view of Balinese women bringing ritual offerings wearing traditional clothing.

Basically all aspect of Bali is interesting for tourism. However, among all the objects following are among the very popular:

    • Gajah Cave
    • Kemenuh Waterfall
    • Ubud
    • Ubud Castle
    • Monkey Forest
    • Blanco Museum
    • La Mayeur Museum
    • Tegalalang
    • Kintamani
    • Tanah Lot
    • Taman Ayun Shrine
    • Ulundanu and Bratan
    • Bedugul
    • Alas Kedaton
    • GWK
    • Dreamland Beach
  Accomodation in Bali

Accomodation at KutaAccommodations in Bali is very varied and complete. There’re many homestays for backpacker and also luxurious hotels and resorts for who wants a luxury stays. Backpackers could find cheap hotels and homestay at around Poppies Lane and Legian - Kuta. The distance between Ngurah Rai Airport and Legian, Kuta is around 6 - 8 km with a travel time about 15 minutes by taxi. Backpackers from allover the world are usually gathered at Poppies Lane area. The benefits of living Legian, Kuta is the distance that’s near to the center of Kuta beach and the crowd. Kuta Beach is only about 200 - 300 meters from Poppies Lane and can be reached in about 5 - 10 minutes by walking....Read more

  Transportation in Bali

Public transportation facility in Bali seems to be still inadequate because residents generally have their own vehicles such as motorcycles as a means of daily transportation. For short distance transportation taxi is sufficient to be used in Bali.There are no trains in Bali Island to be used to reach tourism objects in Bali. Bali has Ngurah Rai International Airport to facilitate air transportation. Bali has some seaports, such as the port of Gilimanuk which connect Bali Island and Java. Port of Padang Bai connects Bali Island and Lombok...Read more..

  Touring Package in Bali

Watching Kecak DanceIf you want to visit places of interest in Bali under a limited time then the best choice is to take touring package. There’re many travel agency that offers daily tour, or half-day tour to visit tourism attractions, cultural exhibition in Bali. Touring package offers can be differentiated by sharing tour and private tour. So you can choose based on your needs.
Besides visiting interesting places in Bali as well as cultural exhibition, there is also some touring package that offers some adventure or combination of the entire package.  Touring durations are tailored to the type and type which’s generally would be around 5 - 14 hours...Read more

  Ngurah Rai International Airport

Ngurah Rai International Airport is located in Tuban, South Kuta district, regency of Badung. Ngurah Rai International Airport is the second busiest airport in Indonesia after Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. There’re many international flights directly flying to Ngurah Rai Airport as well as domestic flights.

Ngurah Rai International Airport is located at the seaside with a distance of about 13 km to Denpasar City and Sanur Beach, 8 kms to Kuta, Legian and Seminyak, and 10 kms to Nusa Dua. Ngurah Rai Airport is a well managed and organized airport....Read more