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Ancol Facilities

Atlantis Water Adventure
Art Market Dunia Fantasy Seaworld IndonesiaGelanggang Samudera

Address: Kompleks Taman Impian Jaya Ancol,  Jl. R. E. Martadinata, North Jakarta. 

Telp. (021) 645 0117, 6450 6711, 640 6712   Fax. (021) 645 0118

Open everyday from 09.00am to 18.00pm

Atlantis Water Adventure Ancol Beach Park


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Atlantis Water Adventure is a swimming arena with several types of swimming pools. The swimming pool types are including swimming pool with fountain, rainbow balls pool, streaming pool, wave pool, rainbow pool, river rapids pool, and waterfall pool. Rainbow balls pool with 0.5 meter depth is a pool for children and their family.

The rainbow balls pool is characterized by statues of heron tails in the middle of the pool which functioned as the slider of fountain.

Stream pool with 1.2 meters depth, 350 meters length, and 8 meters width is a pool in a shape of streaming canal that looks like a river. Stream pool ideally to be used as a place to play together with family.

Wave pool with 2 meters depth is a pool which has artificial waves, looks like sea waves offering you a specific sensation to enjoy.

Rainbow pool is a pool for children with a depth adjusted for children. Children can find water alley, water curtain, water sprayer, and water gun provided to facilitate children to having fun in rainbow pool.

River rapids pool is water games arena letting you sliding from 14 meter high by using a special band.

Spiral pool is a kind of water game that let you slide through the spiral trench while screaming out lout to release your tension.