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Textile Museum (Museum Tekstil)

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Address: Jl. K. Satsuit Tubun No. 2-4 Central Jakarta, Telp. (021) 5606613,  Fax. (021) 5606613
Open hour: Tuesday to Sunday, from 09.00am to 15.00pm

Note: Close on Monday and holidays

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Textile Museum
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Textile Museum has thousands collections of traditional textiles with various motif and ornaments from each territories in Indonesia. Textile Museum occupies a very artistic and luxurious building. Inside the building there are display rooms used to display Indonesian textiles, including collections of the museum, designer and textile lover’s society. At the back side of the museum’s main building there is natural dye park which functioned to conserve and introduce the plants can be used as natural coloring material to the textile lovers. Even currently the natural dye has been replaced by synthetic color, however the shift in the use of material and tools not reducing the beauty of Indonesian textile.

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HallThe building of Textile Museum was constructed at the beginning of 19th century. Initially the building was a private house of a France, and then sold to Abdul Aziz Al Mussawi Al Katiri, a Turkish consulate. In 1942 the building was sold again to Karel Christian Crug. The building had ever occupied as headquarter of Barisan Keamanan Rakyat (literary translated: Front of People Safety), occupied by Lie Sion Phin, and later as Social Department. Afterwards Social Department hands over the building to DKI Jakarta’s government. On 28th June, 1978 the building was officially announced as Textile Museum by Mrs. Tien Soeharto.


Textile Museum collections consist of traditional textile from various territories in Indonesia like Batik, Ikat, Pelangi, Tenun, Songket, Prada, tree bark cloth and Celup. Textile Museum also presents traditional tools and equipments in textile industry like weaving and batik tools from various region in Indonesia.

Tree bark clothing Woman Cloth Canopy cloth wraparound
Toraja Shoulder Cloth Tuban Shawl Palembang Songket Terrace


  • The Textile Museum Management provides facilities to learn how to weave batik, to blend natural color and creating painting from scrap cloths. If you are interested you could join these activities by visiting the building behind Textile Museum. If you want to bring back home some souvenirs from the museum, there’s a gift shop in the museum where you can buy them.
  • Textile Museum is located at about 500 meter away from Tanah Abang market. You could get to the museum either by personal vehicle, taxi or bajaj.